October is National Fair Trade Month. Why should this matter to you? If you’re making more ethical and informed decisions about the products you buy, whether it’s coffee or clothing, you should know the Fair Trade seal means that the farmers and workers behind the brands are paid fairly, fragile ecosystems are protected, communities are … Read more12 Awesome Fair Trade Grooming Products You Should Try


When you ditch the asphalt in favor of sloping, craggy trails, you’ve got to upgrade your kicks. Trail running shoes offer the durability and support traditional soft running shoes can’t, helping to safeguard against ankle rolls and bruised toes.     We tested the newest breed of trail shoes, which combine comfy midsoles with burly builds … (209) 858-3800

High protein chocolate cupcakes

Protein cupcakes are nothing less than totally awesome. These are low-carb and intensely chocolatey. Top them with whatever you like best. Perhaps this salted caramel cream cheese icing? It’s really good. Disclaimer: We won’t pretend this caramel sauce is high in protein or low in sugar, because … it is caramel. But it contains no … I-bunga